Ece Çiftçi

Ece Çiftçi

Ece Çiftçi was born on November 15th, 1993 in Istanbul. Having completed her primary, middle and high school education at Private Enka Schools, Çiftçi became acquainted with social responsibility through a conference she attended when she was 14, and realized that children across the world did not have equal access to social education and were raised without self-confidence. In order to prevent this, when she was 14 she reached out Şanlıurfa from Istanbul together with her 5 friends. She had met 100 children at different workshops in Şanlıurfa for a week-long. Recognizing the big change in he children, she kept providing education for a period of two years.

In order to continue and develop her social responsibility project by spreading across the globe, she preferred Sociology department at Bahçeşehir University in 2011. She kept her endeavours as a student club with the support of Bahçeşehir University. The number of volunteers reached 20 together with her friends at the university.

She included different cities along with Şanlıurfa into her field works, and got the chance of reaching more children.

When it was 2012, the project was named “SosyalBen” and ranked first in the “Bir Fikrin Mi Var?” competition featured on TV8. As a result of the competition, the volunteers met other non-governmental organizations in England. After the process in England, SosyalBen volunteers reached to Africa and conducted their first international field work in Gambia.

In order to include all university students into the works conducted as volunteers, the project proceed as SosyalBen Association in September, 2013. After a process of becoming association, SosyalBen began performing its activities at 12 different locations.

The association has been carrying out its works as SosyalBen Foundation since January, 2017. Ece Çiftçi, the youngest chairman of board of trustees in Turkey, provided education to more than 50,000 students at high schools and universities she visited as a guest. The project, beginning in Istanbul, keeps working with its 350 volunteer at 10 domestic and 5 foreign representative offices, ranging from Edirne to Diyarbakır, from United States of America to Hong Kong, and from Germany to Macedonia.

Having completed her sociology education in 3 years, Ece Çiftçi was accepted by Harvard and Oxford universities, to which she applied for post-graduate education, thanks to her achievements. Perpetuating her personal and carrier development through several local and international training and education programmes, Ciftci has been qualified for not only the G(irls)20 summit new generation femal leaders training programme but also for BBVA Momentum entrepreneurs' training and networking programme; both eventually aim provide strategic financial support for young entrepreneurs'.

After her high school education, she established SosyalBen Akademi company that provides consultancy services for corporate and individual social responsibility projects. Çiftçi, whose aim was to raise a future-sensitive generation with SosyalBen Akademi company, was selected as the best social entrepreneur of the year by many institutions and organizations thanks to her works conducted in Turkey and across the world.

Owing to her successes, New York University,Sorbonne University  and Northeastern University invited Çiftçi as a speaker in January, 2017. In April 2018 USA State Department selected Ece Çiftçi as a Emergin Young Leader. She is the first Turkish social entreprenur and social activist who won this award from State Department. Çiftçi also lectures as an instructor about non-governmental organization, which is one of her field of expertise.


Ece ÇİFTÇİ is founder of SosyalBen Foundation and SosyalBen Academy Consulting Company.

Ece spent most of her life to realize her social responsibility project.

Her project Sosyalben ranked first in the contest “Bir Fikrin Mi Var?” broadcast on TV8 As a consequence of the contest. Then more people started to believe in her project.

Ece touched hundreds of children’s life in Africa, Asia, Europe and Americas. As a consequence of her project, she received acceptances from Harvard and Oxford Universities. She is now proud to say that "World believe in my dreams”.



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