Ece Çiftçi, one of the youngest social entrepreneurs of Turkey, achieved many successful works in Turkey and across the globe with social enterprises she established. Defining herself as a serial social entrepreneur, Çiftçi contributed and will contribute to the fields of civil society and entrepreneurship with SosyalBen Association, SosyalBen Store and SosyalBen Akademi.



SosyalBen Foundation

SosyalBen Foundation aims at developing social skills of students who are 7-13 years old and economically disadvantaged. In line with this objective and basing on the field works, the foundation offers an education program to students through workshop programs.

SosyalBen Foundation contributes to development of students’ social skills through works in various fields such as painting, music, dance, teather, creative writing, short film, photography, sports, creative drama, performing arts, innovation and jewelery design, etc through out its field works.

SosyalBen Foundation, performing activities in many regions of Turkey and across the world, ranging from Kars to Edirne, Sinop to Hatay, Gambia (Africa) to Skopje (Macedonia), Katmandu (Nepal) to Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia), Phnom Penh (Cambodia) to Rožaje (Montenegro), obtains the budget necessary for such activities from the sponsors and donators

SosyalBen Akademi

Established by Ece Çiftçi in 2015, SosyalBen Akademi is a consulting firm for social responsibility, which introduces the volunteering and social responsibility projects to individuals, students and institutions, aims at teaching that volunteering and social responsibility projects should be life-long philosophies, carries out works through local and international projects and contributes to raising conscious young generations.

SosyalBen Store

Established in 2015, SosyalBen Store is a sales center with a wide product range, which aims at setting budget for projects of SosyalBen Foundation and raise awareness in more people.

Youth Cooperative

The Youth Cooperative is a social cooperative that aims to increase the international public visibility of Turkish youth by strengthening their capacities in the fields of social entrepreneurship and non-governmental organizations, realizing their projects and bringing them together with social investments, who are aware of their responsibilities to the society they live in and who want to do activities that will affect the masses in order to strengthen social welfare.

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Hope Park

o Umut Park is a campaign that symbolizes the hope that Ece Çiftçi started by dedicating her own birthday to children on 15.11.2020 so that all children can access one of her most fundamental rights, the right to play games. Playing games is a children’s right, which is also guaranteed by the laws, which are among the most basic needs of children such as nutrition, healthcare, housing, and education. Article 31 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child defines the right of the child to play. Cemer Kent Ekipmanları San. Ve Tic. A.Ş. has been the main sponsor of the campaign to Umut Park, which started by saying that it is every child's right to play games. Project sustainability was ensured while children's access to gaming became widespread in this context.

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Ece Ciftci Initiative for the Future of Europe (ecife) together with ASBL, by building the capacities of the youth, constituting a large section of the world’s population for mitigating the inequalities and social welfare health, in the fields of leadership, economy and academy shall provide the economic, social and social developmental force of the generations who believe in and pursue their dreams and make them real, over equalitarian experiences and equality of opportunities for the future of Europe.

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Ece Çiftçi Yüzleşme | Başak Kablan

Ece Çiftçi Yüzleşme | Başak Kablan

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