Ece Çiftçi

Ece Çiftçi

Ece Çiftçi, a serial social entrepreneur born in Istanbul in 1993, completed her undergraduate education in as little as 3 years. Se formalized the social responsibility project she started in high school during her undergraduate education and founded the SosyalBen Association in 2013 at the age of 14. Çiftçi, who realized the social initiatives of the SosyalBen Store, an economic enterprise, and the SosyalBen Academy, which provides corporate and individual social responsibility project consultancy, gathered all social responsibility activities under the roof of the SosyalBen Foundation in 2017. Çiftçi was invited to the BBVA Momentum training program by Garanti Bank to receive strategic investment support for her projects. Within the G20 countries, She represented Turkey at the 2017 G(irls)20 Summit, where young women between the ages of 18-23 conveyed the problems of women in their countries and developed solutions. With the social entrepreneurship network created with the SosyalBen brands, she was selected as “Turkey's Woman Social Entrepreneur” among 34,000 women in Turkey's Woman Entrepreneur Competition organized by KAGİDER, Garanti BBVA, and Ekonomist Magazine. She was the first Turkish citizen to receive an award from the US Department of State at the “Promising Future Leaders” ceremony in April 2018. She was awarded the “New Leaders of the Future” award by the Crans Montana Forum, which encouraged poverty reduction, equality, and security throughout the world, and increased dialog on a global basis in October 2018. She told Belgian Turkish participants the voluntary journey and the “A Social Entrepreneurship” story at the invitation of the Turkish Embassy in Brussels, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the May 19 Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth, and Sports Day. She was selected as one of the 30 most successful young people under the age of 30 in Turkey by Forbes in 2019. She was the first Turkish citizen and it was the first Turkish institution to be awarded, with the SosyalBen Academy model at the Global Forum of Education and Learning (GFEL) conference, which took place in Dubai in 2019 and rewarded the top 50 among the institutions and organizations serving education all over the world. She became one of the names selected for the Ünlü&Co Academy of Women Entrepreneurs with the SosyalBen Academy's social initiative in November 2020 while she took part with the SosyalBen Foundation as a social entrepreneur on the list of 40 businesspeople under the age of 40 of Fortune Turkey, which includes young idea leaders, entrepreneurs, and managers of the Turkish business world. She became one of the names whose story was selected within the scope of the 80 Years, 80 Women, 80 Story project of the British Council in November. Lastly, she was included in the “Sustainability Leaders 50” list with the evaluation of a global jury prepared by Fast Company Magazine and held for the first time in Turkey. The SosyalBen Foundation, which aims to support the social development of children aged 7-13 living in disadvantaged regions and to contribute to their upbringing as self-confident happy individuals, carries out field and educational activities at national and international level under the leadership of the Çiftçi. Ece Çiftçi, who chairs the Board of Directors of the SosyalBen Foundation, turned crises into opportunities in the COVID-19 pandemic that shook the world and added a new success to her social initiatives. Starting with the motto “For young people, together with young people”, she founded the Youth Cooperative, a social cooperative for the rights and responsibilities of the youth, in 2020. Çiftçi, who argues that playing and accessing games is the most fundamental right of every child, implemented the Umut Park project in November 2020 so that children in disadvantaged areas can improve their physical and social skills by accessing games. Çiftçi is the Turkish signatory of the European Volunteer Center, which is the volunteering team of the European Parliament internationally. Ece Çiftçi, who tries to raise awareness of volunteering with non-governmental organizations that she supports in line with her fields of expertise, continues to work as a member of KAGİDER, Advisory Board Member of EPOS7 Association and a member of TÜSİAD's These Young People Have the Potential! She continues her philosophy of lifelong learning as a Ph.D. student in Anthropology in addition to the social initiatives she leads.


To reflect my social entrepreneurship and volunteering journey in the best way possible and through it be an inspiration for responsive and sensitive generations that will create their own journeys.
• I want to include future generations to my story, from Turkey to the world, through my social entrepreneurship and volunteering journey
• Contribute to and support the children of the world by ensuring that all citizens are included in the volunteering ecosystem
• Turning my life journey and volunteering notion into a lifelong responsibility to ensure that youth are encouraged into becoming active citizens
• World Citizenship
• Respect for the Other
• Social Entrepreneurship
• Active Citizenship
• Sustainability
• Social Benefit
• Lifelong Learning
• Futurism


Ece ÇİFTÇİ is a serial social entrepreneur, who is the founder of the SosyalBen Foundation, SosyalBen Store, SosyalBen Academy, Youth Cooperative, and Umut Park.

Ece spent most of her life to social entrepreneurship, volunteering, and non-governmental activities and became the first Turkish youth to rank in the world on the list of emerging young leaders with the motto of “World Believe My Dreams”.

Ece touched the lives of hundreds of children not only in Turkey, but also in Africa, Asia, Europe, and the United States, and was accepted from Harvard and Oxford as a result of her project. Now, she is an inspiration and role model for young people who want to follow their dreams while she is proud to say “world believe to my dreams”.



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